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Bulk SMS

The bulk SMS technology and services developed substantially since past two years . The problem of unwanted sms also became a problem (spam sms) and the companies start to distinguishing services as route and the price the client pays.

Now there is a distinct difference between bulk and premium sms.

Commercial bulk SMS:

Bulk sms routes may not guarantee the full 100% delivery and the reports . Also this type of sms can is most likely to send from single ip.

GuaranteedBulk SMS:

Guaranteed bulk SMS routes guarantee not only delivery, but also include all the features that clients wish for (delivery reports, dynamic sender ID, short code originator, binary support etc). This is the advantage. The only down point is that guaranteed bulk SMS routes are charged at a premium price.

Let´s suppose a client purchase 1 million credits from a commercial bulk SMS route where delivery is not guaranteed at say 2 Euro cent per SMS. Upon sending, only 50% of the messages arrive. That implies that the client achieved 50% success or delivery to mobile phones and in effect paid 4 Euro cent per SMS.

It is always a rule of thumb that if you go cheap on service you should expect a loss of substantial quality in result.

Guaranteed bulk SMS routes the client will pay for example 4 Euro cent per SMS and obtain 100% delivery. This could play a crucial role in the effectiveness of a campaign for example:

Cases where the client runs a competition and the recipients have to SMS an answer of a question to a short code.

If 100% delivery does not take place, the company running the competition does not only loose out on the branding opportunity but also the revenue share they would have earned from the networks. 100% delivery at a higher price ensures that the response expected from a SMS campaign equals the input.

Bulk SMS decisions nowadays is not depending on price alone anymore . Quality is surely a rising issue with most gateway customers. The puchase of guaranteed premium bulk SMS are on the rise . The companies are starting to realize that it is worth paying for quality.

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